Shot in the Dark

03/04/2010 at 11:48 PM (Rants)

Realizations suck. They really do. I was sitting the other day, contemplating my WoW life. I realized that, in WoW, I am the equivalent to an 8year old. I know enough to be able to make it through a day without pissing off too many people, but that is mostly because I don’t really know a whole lot and people (mainly guildies) understand that and treat me… well the way you would an 8year old who has just learned that mommy and daddy won’t be able to fix every tiny thing in their life. Such is the life of learning, I suppose.

I mentioned my guild in my first post, and again just now. I haven’t however, ever actually said what guild or server I am in, etc etc. Potentially a problem if I am going to be keeping this blog going. I am on Eitrigg US. My guild is Revenged, a group of some of the most amazing (and some not so amazing) people that I have ever encountered. When someone tells you that a guild is like a second family, they aren’t kidding. I mean, we have the few Uncle Tom’s that you avoid, especially if he asks you to sit on his lap. We have our Mommy and Daddy (GM and wife) and plenty of brothers and sisters to have fun and fight with. And of course we have a few grandpas and grandmas to keep everyone in line when no one else can control the insanity. I feel more at home with them than I do with my own, real-life family. How wrong is that?

My first two posts have been, needless to say, pretty sporadic and actually quite random. The material is thrown together without thought and I clearly look as though I have no idea what I am doing. Which is the truth. I intend to have a lot more when my life settles down a little bit. I’ll have posts whining about Guild drama, talking about what I am learning as time passes, things I find interesting or confusing when it comes to the game. This won’t be the type of blog you read when you want advice on how to play a BM Hunter, or a Lock, or even a Feral Druid. It will be the type of blog you read when life has thrown you an afternoon with nothing better to do. And I am okay with that. In fact, I’d much rather that than try to give advice on something I know so little about. So bear with me, keep reading, and I promise it will become a lot more like a WoW blog and a lot less like a Kainda-is-complaining-about-everything blog. =P

Well, I am off to work on the alts. Take care until next time!




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