Lock It Down

03/05/2010 at 9:30 PM (Rants)

Entry 3. I’m on a roll.

WoW is an interesting experience. I never once thought about playing before I met my current boyfriend. We’ve been together for three years now, and I only started playing WoW with him last July. In fact, for the longest time I had a deep seething hatred for the game. I refused to even hear the name. It made me cringe. It was ‘the other woman’ for so long that I never realized that the few times I sat watching him play World of Warcraft, I had grown to be mildly interested in it. It reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons (an obsession I obtained my second semester of college, so in 2008). After I finally admitted it looked, dare I say, fun, I refused to play because of the ‘WoW-Zombie’ I was dating. I didn’t want to be like that; spending my free time (and sometimes not-so-free time) playing the game, talking about it with everyone who mentioned they played even if for a short while and wishing I could be playing when I was out doing stuff that wasn’t WoW. I hated the thought of being like that. Then came the dreaded day that I said “Maybe” when the boyfriend asked me to play not for the first time. After I said that, it was over with. He had me reading blogs with him, learning about races and factions and all the fun stuff that no one thinks twice about after they have been playing for a while.

Then came the day when I made my account and my first toon, Kainda. I debated between a Rogue and Hunter for a little while before I finally decided a Belf Hunter looked fun. My boy made a new toon to level with me, and so began my adventures in Azeroth. From then on I knew I’d never escape. I had known it the day I said ‘Maybe’ after so long denying him, and myself, the ability to play. Looking back I can’t say I regret the choice. In fact, I am glad I began to play. It is an experience that has brought things out for me that wouldn’t have developed (creativity mostly) had I continued to say no whenever asked if I would start playing.

I promise to ramble more about my experience as a newcomer to WoW. But for the rest of this entry I wish to talk about the personalities I have in Azeroth.

I’ve mentioned that I play other toons other than Kainda. I also have my level 27 undead Warlock, Adelinda and my level 21 Feral Druid, Mizteri. Adi is my solo toon; I play her when I am bored with nothing else to do and no one in the guild wants to kill things with me. Mizteri is the toon I am leveling with my wonderful, amazing boyfriend Fealen and a couple of my favorite guildies. I spent a good portion of my time with Adi doing quests on my own, with the occasional help from Fealen or a guildie from Revenged. When I hit level 25, however, I got bored. Like, really really bored. At the same time this happened, I had really gotten into heroics on Kai. It wasn’t until I began running low level dungeons with Mizti and the crew I level her with that I realized I could do the same with Adi.

And so last night… I queued up for the first time for a low level dungeon with my lock. I made sure to let the party know I was new to it, especially on my lock. We got Gnomeregan. First time I had even heard of that since I leveled Kainda to 80 doing pretty much nothing but quests with her Holy Priest counterpart, Coagulater (Fealen’s toon :-D). It began well. The our druid healer left after our first wipe. We got a Shammie next. Then our rogue got annoyed with mouthy hunter we had and left. And so the trading of party members began. By wipe number three, the mobs had all reset. It was late, I was tired, and the hunter was getting under my skin by then too. I left party, knowing that I had found a new, more fun way to level my Warlock.

Well that is my rant for today folks. Until next time!





  1. Kiryn said,

    The advice I always give to someone who says one of their loved ones is addicted to WoW, is that they should play together. It’s a great game to share with others, and it makes it a lot more fun than if you’re playing it alone.

    Sometimes I really wish I could convince some of my family members to just give it a try. At least my fiance plays with me! ^_^

    • Kainda said,

      I knew how much I would like it so I avoided it for so long. Then I finally played and a lot of the problems we had in our relationship were resolved either because they were about WoW and how much he played or we would get on our characters and go kill things and imagine it had one another’s face until we felt better then we’d go run a dungeon together or something =D

      I have been trying to get a really good friend of mine to play recently but she refuses because her bf doesn’t like WoW at all. It saddens me…

      • Kiryn said,

        Well then, both of them should start playing! Obviously! ^_^

        I’m sure I’ll win my sister over eventually. It’s just going to take a very long time. Maybe I’ll make her a deal that I’ll play Farmville with her if she tries out WoW? >_>

  2. Kainda said,

    Lol! Farmville…ugh…

    I would get them both to play, however her bf thinks WoW is a lame MMO etc etc… I forget what he plays but he believes it is far superior to World of Warcraft.

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