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Hello all! As promised I have kept up with my posts. Granted, I could lose my inspiration and go another week before the next one. Let’s hope not, right? Anywho. Today’s topic is pretty obvious from the title: PvP.

Kainda was leveled through quests and, starting at 75, dungeon runs. Adi, as you know, has been quests and will be doing a lot of dungeons in the upcoming levels. Mizti was quests until 15, and dungeons from then on and will probably only quest when it is just Fealen and I bored and not wanting to run anything with Coag and Kai. I haven’t really done any PvP. I ran a Alterac Valley MAYBE five times with Kainda. Wintergrasp once and decided I didn’t like it. But I haven’t really done much else. I dislike Wintergrasp a lot. AV is fun, but I haven’t done it in forever. And I’ve never actually done any 1-on-1 PvP. Fealen has some PvP only alts and I wonder if maybe Adi might end up at that point before her time to be 80 has come. I mean, AV isn’t so bad. And I have seen some of the other BGs played enough that I understand what to do. My problem is that I worry too much what other people will think of me as a player, which I know is a very girl thing to do. But, what can I say?

I suppose my biggest issue is knowing that people who have played WoW a lot longer and a lot more than I have see people with so little experience as I as nOObs or, as my guild calls them, Scrubs. It bothers me more than it really should, but I want to do well in the game and when someone calls me out for something that I didn’t even know was an issue, and isn’t exactly kind about it, I girl-up and get hurt feelings. Yeah, trust me. I know how dumb it is.

“It is just a game.” “They are stupid, and you will probably never encounter them again through your entire WoW career” “Ignore them and have fun. If you were really doing something wrong I would tell you.” Those are things I hear when my feelings about pompous, know-it-all jerks are expressed, whether it be through rage quitting or shutting down emotionally because someone called me a nOOb. He has a point, and I know he does, but that doesn’t stop my girl emotions from flaring up every now and again. Especailly when a particular guild member decides to make me his target of the hour.

He’s an okay guy. He can be super funny, and say things that most people wouldn’t usually even think of. But he likes to joke around a lot and his ‘joking around’ can sometimes be quite offensive or hurtful. He has said more than a few things that have rubbed me the wrong way, to the point that I have him muted on Vent and in GChat he is ignored on most of his toons. I won’t even do a 10man if he is involved in it because even though I have him muted, doesn’t mean Fealen does. And he has, more often than not, made his opinion of my lack of skill very well known. it is people like him that make me not want to play. Make me girl-up and get hurt feelings or feel useless no matter what I do. I hate that I get that way, but I do. And, to round it back to my original topic, it is why I don’t PvP. I hate how terrible a player I am in the first place. I don’t need other people to point it out to me.

Maybe sometime soon I will take Kainda into a BG. Or something. Until then I will stick with my dailies on her, and the dungeons with the other two.

Until next time!




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