Draenei Fun

03/08/2010 at 12:30 PM (Rants)

I am greatly enjoying playing my Draenei Pally. I mean, I will always be  a Horde girl, don’t get me wrong. But being part of Single Abstract Noun makes the monotony of playing Kai, Miz and Adi bearable. I am learning about Ally, the lands, the races. I am learning a new class (looking more and more like I am less of a healing Pally and more of a smasha-smasha-dead Pally) and I am having fun with Fealen while doing so. I think the leveling of Mizteri and the lower level alt he made is good for us to do, because it is different than the daily lives of Coag and Kai, but these Ally toons are a whole new experience for us both. It is something fun for us both to learn rather than me doing all the learning while he patiently walks me through the world.

My favorite part so far about leveling this Pally is that the Draenei have Russian accents. I don’t know why, but that just makes me happy. The land is a lot more… abundant and beautiful than on the Horde side. As much as I love Horde, Barrens’ quests are so… blah. I truly despise them as any self-respecting WoWer should, IMO. But the Draenei starting zone, followed by Bloodmyst isle, are pretty, fun and a lot less… barren.

Another thing I love about this toon is the guild. Yes, I have stated just how much I enjoy it. I know. But I didn’t really think I could ever feel such a part of something as I do with them. Revenged is wonderful. I’ve clearly stated they are a big dysfunctional family and I stick to that. But it took me quite a while to slip into a role there and even to this day I feel out of place sometimes. With SAN everyone is accepted on the spot. Mainly, I believe, it is because very few of us have been able to establish any solid relationships within the guild being as it is so new. But even with that in mind I am still amazed at the acceptance, the kindness, the fun. It is so instantaneous that I didn’t even realize it had happened until I was laughing out loud to a comment by a new friend in GChat, responding, then telling Fealen about what had just happened since he was raiding on his main. He has slipped right into the thick of the guild himself, able to relate to several of the people as they are as avid bloggers as he and beyond. I’m still new to WoW and blogging, but I find the company within SAN satisfying to no end. It is a guild for the blogging community and a place where one can be themselves as much as WoW allows.

That is all for today. Until next time!





  1. Fealen said,

    “On Bloodmyst Isle, quest reward recieves you!”


  2. Kainda said,

    You’re special.

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