Another World

03/10/2010 at 12:30 PM (Rants)

I find myself wanting to play a lot more lately. Yes, I enjoy it, but it isn’t why I want to play so much. The truth of the matter is that my RL is growing to be difficult to bear most days. I understand a lot more Fealen’s need to go home and get right on WoW. I escape into the world of my toons and forget all the stress that my everyday life is bringing with it. I can forget the pain, the sorrow, the frustrations, the emptyness and the worries for another world where I can be anyone and anything that I want to be. I revel in the time I can be somewhere else other than my real life. It makes the day bearable and makes the stress I felt all day temporarily dissipate.

On a higher note, I have come up with some very nifty ideas for future posts, including images of the alts as well as some rants and ideas about certain aspects of the game that I have come upon so far. Of course, there will be plenty more where those came from, but the fact that I have finally begun to think of truly WoW-Related topics for my posts means that I will have more material to work with in blog and game. Hooray!

Well I suppose I best be going. Another escape of mine is reading and my book calls to me. Until next time!





  1. Fealen said,

    If you ever run out of ideas you can always bounce things off of me, I have so much I wanna write about but it’s overwhelming to try to write them all.

    • Kainda said,

      It isn’t so much that I don’t have any, more that I didn’t know what to write when I first started. But I actually took time to think of a few dozen things last night so I have plenty for now. Thanks, though, babe. 🙂 ❤

      • Fealen said,


        I’m full of fun/cheesy ideas.
        Does that mean I’m fun and cheesy?

      • Kainda said,

        That’s one way to describe you, sure.

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