Huntard Love

03/11/2010 at 12:30 PM (Rants) ()

(Kainda, Slynx{one of her two kitties} and one of her many non-combat pets)

As I have clearly stated, my main is a Hunter. I love playing a Hunter, and have enjoyed it from the beginning. Sure, having a Holy Priest to level with is convenient when healing myself isn’t an option as a Hunter. And having a ‘bear tank’ to take all the aggro off from me i useful if I am all alone. But there are so many other aspects of being a Hunter that I enjoy (no pun intended).

Aspect one: People expect Hunters to suck. Having been trained by one of the best Hunters on our server how to NOT fail, I see myself as one of the less… irritating Hunters around. I know where to stand (most times), what not to shoot, where to send my pet (when it feels like doing as I ask) and that being ranged DPS I have to be aware of possible mobs coming up from behind and how far from the healer I stand. I find it mildly amusing that, should I queue up for a random dungeon and have a second hunter in the party, there is usually a 80% chance I am going to get a whisper asking how I do something or don’t aggro certain things. I like being new to the game and being asked for advice.

Aspect two: Hunter’s are a very lazy class to play. It was quite easy to learn how to play WoW with a Hunter. I send my pet in, begin auto-shoot, throw in a few special shots every now and again, and move when something gets too close. Only one of my shots is interupted when I move. Otherwise I move, stop, and the shooting continues.  Very rarely do I ever have to move and restart the rain of arrows that comes from me. If I do, it is because my target died and I have to focus on a new one.

Aspect three: Kill Shot. As shoon as my screen screams at me that I can use it, I usually do. I enjoy causing my foe the extra pain. And enjoy it even more when my kill shot hits the target and it drops to our tanks feet. I feel powerful for once. It makes the minor things that I despise about being a Hunter so much less.

Of course, there is plenty I have to learn still. I am very undergeared for my level and I don’t do the DPS I would like most times. But once my obsession with Meja fades, I am sure I will fix that problem. Along side of what I have to learn and what I enjoy about being a hunter is what I dislike about it. But I think I will leave that for another entry. This one could go on for a very long time about what I love about being a Hunter, but I don’t think I will watse any more of your time with this.

Until next time!





  1. Xerc said,

    Haha just relized i can comment on here boy i am a noob lol. NO COMMENTING on me being a noob.

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