Bi-Polar Pets

03/12/2010 at 12:30 PM (Rants) (, )

My last post detailed several things I love about being a Hunter. This post will be fully dedicated to my pets and how much I… love… them. First off is an image of all four of my babies. I just quickly threw it together in Photoshop( I usually do much higher quality work in PS, I swear) but it exists. Fig the bear, Slynx the Kitty,  Munroe the Kitty and Telly the Warpstalker.

I love my pets, as any Hunter should. When I solo, they are my true strength and power against mobs. They’ve prevented a death more often than I can count. And they provide a small level of amusement on days I can’t find a damn thing to do. However. There are points in time where I just want to hit dismiss and hearth because they have done something unforgivable or embarrassing.

The thing a Hunter hates most, especially when in a dungeon, is when their pet decides, randomly, to turn away from its current target and run at something on the opposite side of the room. This results in dragging a couple extra mobs over to where the tank is attempting to take down the already fairly large group of mobs. And a small onslaught of swearing from party members at or about the Hunter or pet.

If nothing else happens the whole dungeon run, it won’t fail that my pet decides he/she is bored with its current target and run off. This could be because the new mob hit the party with an AoE effect, had a random Aggro aimed at me or just because the pet is Bi-Polar/ADD. My first thought is ‘Is it on aggressive?’ but a quick glance usually tells me that isn’t the reason at all. So I am usually left to assume the pet has lost its mind, become suicidal or homocidal. I sigh heavily, glance at the chuckling Fealen to my right, then appologize to the party for my pets complete asshole move.

Since hearing the not-so-endearing term “Huntard” I have strived to not be ‘one of those Hunters’ that everyone hates to get in their queues. I’ve had a fellow Hunter in a random before and realized just how well my hard work has paid off. The ignorance of some Hunters ASTOUNDS me. I didn’t understand why Hunters were hated until I met my first real Huntard. Now, whenever something, such as my pet being spazztic, occurs… all I can think is ‘Oh God, it begins. I’m going to be seen as a Huntard’ which then forces me to redouble my advances on the targets.

Despite the many times my pets have done stupid, spazztic, Bi-Polar things… I still adore them. Solo days, they are my only companions. They make me smile when I am beyond bored and they bring justice I wouldn’t be able to bring upon foes with the claws and teeth and utmost loyalty to me. I guess everyone just has to expand their boudries sometimes… even Bi-Polar pets. :-p

Until next time!




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