Diffiuclt Decisions

03/15/2010 at 11:50 AM (Rants) (, , , )

Two servers. Five toons. Three guilds. It is a frustrating and interesting thing all at once. And last night, after a brief conversation with a good friend in real life and in game, I got to thinking. My first question to myself was ‘Why am I in <Revenged>?’ The answer came pretty quickly and made me sad. I’m in <Revenged> because that is where my boyfriend wanted me to be. I have a handful of friends in< Revenged>, but they are also supportive of me no matter what I do OUT of guild. So the next question was ‘What if I left <Revenged>?’ I’m sure I get a few complaints, a little begging not to (maybe?) but I really don’t BELONG there. I am there as ‘Fealen’s Girlfriend’ or ‘Mrs. Fealen’ to most. I have no real identity of my own with the majority of the people in that guild. Not to mention I don’t really like raiding a whole ton with them. I mean, I think raiding could be fun but there are people in every group there that rub me the wrong way. And I don’t mean the typical jerk that you find in every pug or raid party. There have been conversations, things said, that cause me to be uncomfortable around them. One individual instills such anger within me that I usually just quit what I am doing if he gets involved. I have reasons for such a  dislike of the person that very few would understand or find to be a ‘good reason’ but this is not the reason for this entry…

I have decided that Kainda and Mizteri, my toons in <Revenged>, are going to be moved into <Fritos>. <Fritos> is the guild Adelinda is in. It was created by Fealen and his good friend Gurhulk (he who made me question my existence in Revenged) as a joke and it has stuck around. Kainda was in it for her first… 70 levels I believe. I will keep those who have become like a second family to me on my friends list so I don’t lose contact with them, will run randoms with them when they want, but I have no need to remain in <Revenged> any longer. If they want me for something, they will know how to reach me.

As for <Single Abstract Noun>… I’ve never felt I belonged anywhere as much as I do there. It is a guild full of people who do what I do everyday; write and/or read. If I am not playing WoW, sleeping, working or out on date night friday nights… I am reading or writing. It is my life, my escape from all the stress I face each day. The people in SAN understand that. They are kind, accepting, funny and generally fun to be around. They are helpful when someone has a question and willing to talk to you for twenty minutes about nothing just because you mentioned you had a bad day. They will party-up with you if you are on the same quest and both struggling so you can finish it and be able to move on. Then not end the party just because that quest is finished but, in fact, have a small private chat with you for a few more minutes. In SAN I belong, I am accepted and I feel that, should we ever reach raiding status, it would not only be interesting but fun as well.

That is my post for today. To those who are saddened by my decisions, I am sorry. We can have a chat so I can explain my choices further. But I hope you support me in the choices I am making and continue to be like my brothers and sisters. ❤

Until next time!





  1. Xerc said,

    I support any decision you make. Go for it, i truly understand where you are coming from. Yes i am saddened, but not that your leaving that you think i am just your brother. lol A BROTHER.

  2. Kainda said,

    You are so much than just ‘a’ borther Xercy. You have been there for me when people who live in the same state couldn’t are less. I owe you so much, and that doesn’t include that $40 for Fealen’s magazine 😉

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