Shame on me

03/18/2010 at 9:27 PM (Rants, WoW) (, , , )

I know, I know. I’ve neglected my posts greatly. My last post was mainly to state what choices I have made recently regarding <Revenged> (which, by the way, went over well. Still friends with those that matter, but no longer a guildie). I haven’t actually written any honest-to-Goddess, WoW based posts since my one about my Hunter’s pets. So, let’s catch up, shall we?

Not a whole lot has changed with the Eitrigg toons aside from Mizteri and Kainda jumping out of <Revenged> and into <Fritos>. The SAN toons, yes toons, is another story. Last I spoke of SAN I had only my Draenei Pally, Meja. I very rapidly came to the conclusion that I make a terrible Pally and I am just going to use her for professions and such (so basically leveling her with Fealen 2.0 via quests so I can reach certain mats, but beyond that not much). To make up for my pathetic attempt at a Ret Pally, I created a new toon for SAN. Kaindah is, you guessed it, a Hunter. Since I know how to play a Hunter best, I thought it an easy way to catch up to Fealen 2.0 so we could level toons together once more. This has, not surprisingly, proven to be just the case.

My only real issues with Kaindah is that I find Nelfs (which she is) to be fairly ugly and more than a little dull. At least Meja, despite being a pain to play, isn’t hard on the eyes. Kaindah was beat with an ugly stick a few too many times. Either way, she will work for my purposes. BM Hunter to level with Fealen 2.0 while he is not raiding or doing other things on WoW. Meja will remain existant for professions and my personal entertainment, while the Eitrigg toons exist to keep me connected to those I call my WoW family.

I must clarify something quickly. I don’t find Meja difficult to play because of the class or anything. My main issue is I dislike healing, tanking would be a mess for me to do, so Ret sounded like a grand idea. Then I realized the I am AWFUL at melee DPS. I have a lock, my two hunters and, until recently, my Druid was ranged too. Now she is feral so I will have to get used to melee DPS anyway. Perhaps once I get used to Miz, Meja will be easier to play for me. I just thought I would clarify my reasons for finding her difficult to play. I am truly a ranged DPS player and find all else boring or frustrating.

I believe I will bring this to a close. I have added myself among the ranks of BlogAzeroth, so I do hope to gain more readers. As I have said before, this Blog is not for hardcore players looking for some advice. This is a blog of the many random ramblings and rants of a fairly green WoW player and blogger.

Until next time!





  1. Xerc said,

    I mainly choose a mage because like you i know how to play one and it would be easier for me to level. PST Drania’s(sp) can be hunters to lol NE are sooo ugly plus the Dranai’s have a better hunter racial i believe. But other than that thanks to YOU i have been contemplating on making my own blog. Not much of a writer but maybe lol.

  2. Kainda said,

    See… I know Draenei can be hunters. However I wanted an elf hunter from each faction. Hence the belf and nelf. >.<

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