Changing it up

03/19/2010 at 11:32 AM (Rants, WoW) (, )

As those of you who have been reading know, this was originally a blog called ‘Kainda’s shot.’ Obviously the title has been changed. I have my reasons, believe me. So let me explain the changes.

When I started this blog I had meant it to focus upon Kainda and only Kainda. It would be the ramblings of a Hunter and her life in WoW. Once I really got into the blogging community, however, I realized my blog was a lot less of a Hunter blog than I had intended. It took until today for me to work over that problem and make it into more of what it has become; the random rants and ramblings of a Ranged DPS player. Hence the new title: Ranged Rantings. I will still have plenty of posts, nothing really has changed aside from the title of the blog and the appearance of it. I just felt that the blog was false advertising itself being called ‘Kainda’s Shot: A Hunter’s Mark on the World’ when it really is a blog full of everything and not just Hunter stuff.

That is today’s post. Tomorrow I will go back to the actually WoW-filled rants and hopefully bring a smile to someone’s day.

Until next time!





  1. Miss Medicina said,

    I think this sounds like a great idea!

  2. Kainda said,

    Thanks Miss! I really thought about how little my blog resembled a Hunter blog so I fixed it. This was my result. Posts will still be my random ramblings. Had a lot of influence from SAN members. 🙂

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