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I’ve come to realize I have tiny bit of an addiction in WoW. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, when, where or what server… if I see a non-combat pet vender… I veer off my original path and straight to them. If someone is offering them to guild members via gchat, I am rather quick to say “Yes! I would like one please!” If, in SAN, someone has placed one in the guild bank, I wait a day and then, if no one else has taken them… I do it.I went out of my way yesterday on Kaindah to go to the owl trainer person in Darnasuss (sp?) and get both of the owls she sells as soon as I had just enough silver. I then, mid quest on Meja, did the same thing.

It worries me slightly. Should anyone really be this obsessed with buying/recieving pets? Hell, Fealen and I buy the trading cards just for the VERY SLIGHT CHANCE that there might be a pet card in there. I want both plushies JUST for the in-game pet. Fealen bought me lil-KT and for the first week I had him out on Kainda more than I did any of my REAL pets.

I wonder if they have any… non-combat pet obsession awareness groups? I might look into one. It’d be very helpful in not feeling to need to snag every single one I see the instant I see it. I mean… really. Who does that? I know do, but who else? Am alone in this sickness of WoW non-combat pets? Should I seek out help? Or are there others who share my love and obsession for the little guys?

Hi. My name is Kainda and I’m addicted to Non-combat pets.

Until next time!




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  1. Xerc said,

    Um hun i have 89 non-combat pets on xerc so i know what your going threw.

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