I’m going to Disneyland!

03/21/2010 at 6:47 PM (WoW) ()

This is the first of several posts I am going to have about the Pop Culture References in WoW. I noticed a lot of them, so decided to write a few posts about them after doing some minor research. Today’s entry is about the Disney movie references.

The first, and one of my favorites, is the movie ‘Aladdin’. Always been one of my favorite Disney movies. The Magnificent Flying Carpet is a mount that only tailors can have. When riding it there is a buff that says ‘Don’t you dare close your eyes’ which is, of course, referring to the song ‘A Whole New World‘ during which Aladdin and Jasmine are flying upon a flyng carpet.

In Grizzly Hills, four cute little animals wander around together, or fairly close to each other. Two deer, a skunk and a rabbit. One will note that the names of these creatures are Mother of Bambina, Bambina, Flora and Thudder. These are very close to the names Thumper, Flower, Bambi and Bambi’s Mother from the Disney movie ‘Bambi.’ If one waits long enough, they will witness a hunter come out of the forest and shoot Bambina’s Mother, just like in the movie. Also, apparently, if Mother of Bambina, Thudder and Flora are all killed, Bambina goes bonkers and becomes aggressive towards EVERYONE. Her damage dealt increases something like 2000% and her attack speed increases like 150%.

The last Disney movie (out of the classic cartoon kiddie movies) is ‘Pinocchio.‘ Not one of my favorites, but I do enjoy Toy Stores. The toy store in Dalaran, Wonderworks, is run by a man named ‘Jepetto Joybuzz‘. Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that the creator of Pinocchio’s name is Jepetto.

(All information on Pop Culture References provided by: WoWWiki)

This concludes my first entry on WoW PoP Culture References.  will have several more, each one based around a certain ‘catagory.’ Enjoy!

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