The Long and Winding Road

03/27/2010 at 9:05 AM (WoW) (, , )

It’s been a long road. I’ve had my ups and downs deciding on my love or hate for WoW. I’ve contemplated quitting more than once, but never had the heart to let go. It seems to have come down to this; I can’t quit. I mean, I certainly could if I wanted to, but that’s where the problem lies. I really don’t want to. I enjoy playing as much as any WoWer, though perhaps not as much as Fealen.

To me WoW is a way to escape the world, as I know it is for Fealen as well. But we escape for different reasons and in different ways. I’m a writer, to the bone. Ink runs through my veins rather than blood. I do nothing without the thought ‘This would be interesting in a story’ crossing my mind at least once. And that is why I love WoW; it is a story I play out as a little computer-game-character. I create reasons for the toon to be doing the quest they are on aside from ‘they are leveling’ and I enjoy the quests more. I make up a whole life for them, and then I become them as I do the characters in the novels and short stories I write. Fealen sees WoW, from what I gather, as a way to just sink into another world after having to deal with BS of the real world. The people he talks to understand and they get lost taking their frustrations out on the bosses of dungeons and raids.

I’ve recently contemplated the idea of starting a ‘journal’ for one of my toons. It’d be filled with her daily routine, things she discovered at random (like stumbling upon a cat statue while leveling Meja and Fealen 2.0 the other day) and her thoughts on what her life has become since her journey began at level 1. I haven’t decided if I want to do it yet or not. My main concern is that I won’t keep up with it the way I plan or want to; my novels and short stories suffer greatly now, so how do I expect to keep up the journal? Another concern is: would anyone read it?

So now my question is for you, my readers. If I were to begin a journal-blog through the eyes of one of my toons, would you read it? What do you suggest for beginning such a process? And most importantly, would you be a part of the journal from time to time? Because although the journal would be my toons, she wouldn’t be who she is without her family(guild) which will most assuredly be SAN. 🙂  So, flood me with your thoughts and advice, SAN members and avid readers! I call to you for you help and opinions!

Until next time!




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  1. Xerc said,

    I would for sure read your journal, most likely i would be your #1 reader. Your journal i dead sounds like it would be an awesome endeavor. I would like to see it come to fruition. And like i said be your #1 supporter.

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