Mounts, Hunters and More

04/05/2010 at 5:24 PM (Rants)

Admittedly, I am the worst at updating on my characters via this here blog. I can rant about the most unusual or amusing and fun things, but Merlin forbid I do an update about my toons’ levels and such. So this is what today’s blog is about!

Guess who hit 20 at the end of the week last week? Meja! Which, of course, means I got screenies of the Hephalump and Charger I recieved. Oh the joys of NOT walking on foot everywhere…

Next bit of news! I’ve mentioned that I made a second Hunter, but haven’t really introduced her. So without further ado, here is Kaindah (lovingly referred to as ‘H’ by Fealen and I) and her first pet Onyx.

H is the Hunter I fool around on; learning to do things I didn’t have the chance to learn while power-leveling Kainda, doing random low-level dungeons, just plain having fun!

Speaking of Kainda. She is probably fairly lonely. Today will be the first day I have done ANYTHING on her aside from fishing dailies. I’m a bad bad person. But today she gets to go out with Fealen and do Noblegarden stuff so that ought to be fun!

Adelinda is shaping up nicely. I hit level 28 with her today and am three quarters of the way to 29 already. I plan to be on Adi a lot more lately, see if I can’t catch up to Fealen’s toon, Emilee. Maybe we can do some PvP if I decide to stop hating it. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep everyone who cares (and anyone who doesn’t care, really) updated on Adi’s status 😛

Hmm… Meja, H, Kai, Adi… Mizti! Mizteri, my faithful feral druid… oh how lonely she is. She was created so I could level with a bunch of friends and the boyfriend. Buuut no one is on at the same time anymore so she sits and waits for it to be time to nom some faces again. /sigh.

Okay. I did what I said I would in this post: updated about my toons. I’ll try to be better about that! Fealen is getting antsy about Noblegarden stuff so I am done for today!

Until next time!




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