Locked and Loaded

04/06/2010 at 10:36 AM (Rants, WoW)

The title of this entry may be a bit misleading. This is not an entry about Hunters. This entry is about Adelinda, my Level 28 undead warlock.

For the last few days, Adelinda has been the focus of my attention (Except for last night… Noblegarden stuff with Fealen and Kainda). I was questing with her in cow country… and was really super bored with it. I tire of the barrens fairly quickly, especially with two toons there (Mizteri is parked there as well) so instead of doing the smart thing right off and finding another place to quest, I just set poor Adi aside and ignored her for,oh, a month or so. It wasn’t until Saturday that I turned to Fealen and asked where I should take Adi because I really wanted to level her. He suggested Tarren Mill. Ooooh. Duhface. Of course! Kainda and Coagulater leveled there. How could I forget DEAR Tarren Mill?

So I’ve been in Tarren Mill the last few days. I’m finding that the quests I had struggled with on Kainda are much easier now, granted I am also four levels higher than the majority of the mobs. It works, though. I died once and that was because of my own stupidity. The question I have for myself, today, is this: Do I stop my everyday quests to go do some Noblegarden with Adi? Or should I wait until next year when, hopefully, she has hit 85 (assuming I make it that far without getting bored again)? I might just let things happen the way they will. If I end up doing Noblegarden stuff, I end up doing Noblegarden stuff. If not, well, there is always another year.

The one thing I have had a slight bit of trouble with on the Lock has been what to spec into. Right now I am specing into destruction. A friend of mine has a lock that he is specing into demonology, claiming he chooses the ‘odd’ spec more often than the popular specs. To be honest, I was unaware destruction was a ‘popular’ spec. I chose it because it looked like the best thing to use while leveling all by my lonesome. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, thoughts or comments about how to level a lock successfully… please tell me! As with all of my toons except for H, everything is a big guessing game. So advice is greatly appreciated and very welcome!

I suppose that is it for today. I might have a Noblegarden post coming sometime in the nearish future. Being stuck at home with nothing but cleaning and playing WoW is taking its toll on me, but I’ll survive. :-p

Until next time!





  1. sirfwalgman said,

    I leveled affliction and liked it. Just took the healing talent in demonology and did affliction for the rest. I love dotting up monsters and running around and having my big blue tank keep their attention until I really turn it on… but I think most Lock specs are pretty good to level.

  2. Kainda said,

    Hmm. That does sound fun. I’ll see how this destruction thing goes then go from there. So far things are dying fairly quickly. But I am also only 28 right now… we’ll see what happens in the higher levels. Thanks for your input!

  3. Poneria said,

    Hey, saw your comment on FC! (Thanks for visiting! 🙂 ) All three trees are good, to be honest. As I’m totally in love with affliction, I’m not as up to speed on demo & destro (I use them every once in a while to solo old content). But if you decide to go afflic, you know where to find me!

    Affliction is a great raiding and leveling spec. I’m probably biased since I love the tree so much, but I leveled affliction, have raided affliction, and still am affliction. When going affliction you get into easy chain pulling in later levels and it’s more resource efficient than the other two (you end most fights with about as much mana/health as you started with due to Siphon Life and Life Tap, among other things).

    Demonology is also a favorite to level with since your enhanced demon gives you more support survival-wise. A hybrid afflic/demo spec called SL/SL (Siphon Life/Soul Link) at least used to be popular, because you and your felguard or voidwalker are practically indestructible together due to the two talents in its name.

    Destro is the odd one out when it comes to leveling, probably because it’s so much like a mage — aka, you burn through your mana almost every other pull (in the beginning, idk if it gets better later on), but you do craptons of burst damage. But hey, mages get to 80, so it’s obviously neither impossible nor totally boring.

    My advice is to talent into whichever spec or talents you feel like picking at the moment. Nobody needs EJ to level, so just have fun whichever road you pick. I don’t have any comprehensive leveling guide, because I went with my gut and I advise the same, but if you’re still feeling lost, you might was to check out Psynister’s Notebook. He’s leveling (or was leveling) a warlock as destro, I think.

    Have fun! =P

  4. Boris Mann said,

    Super great post! Truely.

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