04/07/2010 at 5:00 PM (Rants, WoW)

Well it’s that time in WoW again; yup, a Holiday. Noblegarden to be exact. At first I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. But Fealen said he wanted to work toward the achievements and title with me. “*Sigh* Okay, I guess so” and off we went. At first I was hesitant. Easter is only good for the candy, so I wasn’t sure how much better it would be in game since I couldn’t actually eat the candy provided. But then I was turned into a bunny. ‘POOF!’

“Holy $hat. I’m a bunny!”

“It happens when you pick up certain eggs.” Fealen explains.

“Weeee! I’m a bunny!”

Ten minutes later and I am bored. Again. So I kept running around, collecting eggs. Got all the outfits and other fun things hidden in the eggs with the chocolates. Got turned into a bunny a few more times…. then it happened every other egg. I got more than mildly annoyed. First five times, cute as Hell. After twenty or so times? Not so much anymore. I began writing letters to Blizz in my head, then posted one in the blog. Fealen, of course, got a kick out of it.

“*Bunny sound* DAMNIT! I do not want to be a rabbit! *Clicks buff to make it go away*”

“*Snicker* What’s the matter babe?”

“Stupid egg turned me to a bunny again…”

And so it went on for… three or so hours. Yeah, we’re dedicated little funkers. Well, dedicated or obsessive. Either way Fealen got the Noble title after I gave up and went to bed. I still need to get it… and probably will… probably. In the meantime, this is as close as I plan to get to looking like a bunny:

Not that sparkly little fluffy-tailed thing that drove me bonkers for hours on end.

Until next time!




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