Oh Vent…

04/09/2010 at 11:21 AM (Rants, WoW) (, , )

Revenged raids, somewhere, at least every night. Monday seems to be whatever they want to do, Tues-Thurs is ICC (10 and 25) and Fridays… I don’t really know for sure cause I’m rarely home Friday nights. Even though I left Revenged for several reasons, I still jump into their vent channel now and again, and Fealen is still fully engulfed in it. Lately, while Fealen raids, I stick around for the majority of it and do my own thing on either Adi or one of the SAN toons. It is during these times that I get to listen to Fealen and the guys of Revenged in vent while they raid. And it is these times that I realize what Zelmaru meant in their post: OMG Guys in Vent. Well… more that all THEY can think about is wang wang wang. Seriously, I hear things coming from vent sometimes that makes me wonder just how straight some of the guys are, or if any of them are on drugs. Hell, even Fealen says things that cause me to stop what I am doing and look at him in shock (this response has gotten me killed more than a few times, so I try to ignore it now. Though sometimes that is impossible).

Of course, there are the few that realize that Fealen listens to vent through his computer speakers and anyone around him can hear what is being said. Most who know that much are the good friends from Revenged that I have made and will, on occasion, say something just to get a rise out of me. For example, one night Gurhulk decided to compare me to (I believe it was) Rotface. I think at the time he was unaware that I was in the room. Needless to say I jumped on to Kai, whispered him, and pretended to be very angry with him. Bully for me because he sheepishly apologized the next time I saw him.

I suppose my point of this post is to wonder at the things guys say when they are clumped together in vent, doing a silly raid or a serious one, and the way others react to it. I’ve grown to expect ANYTHING from them now, but even still they manage to surprise me every now and again. But anyone else unlucky enough to be in the room while vent is up? I pity their poor ears and souls for some of the things the guys say.

So, what is it about Vent that makes it into a big ‘my-dick-is-bigger-‘ contest or a ‘i-love-you-man’ conversation that reaches levels that make me question the sexuality of even my boyfriend? Why do they turn from 20-someodd or older men into sniveling little boys back in High School trying to be the coolest, the one with the biggest cock or the one who gets to go to bed that night and get something extra from their ‘woman’ as they so often refer to us? And what would happen should one of us feminine types get in vent and start joining in to that chatter? Would they welcome her into the conversation, laugh at her crude remarks as they do each others? Or would they turn all the attention to her until she leaves or proves she can stand the heat against them and they turn back to each other?

Am I the only one who hears things like that in vent?

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  1. zelmaru said,

    Seriously! I’ve totally noticed the dudes in vent getting all… homoerotic on each other. “Stand right behind the bosses butt, just where you like it.” and other crude jokes…

    • Kainda said,

      Exactly my point lol. I hear things I wouldn’t even dare repeat. It can be quite disturbing some nights.

    • Fealen said,

      Teabagging – the act of putting virtual balls on another player…..also invented by men. We are proud of our inventions, do not belittle us for our contributions to society, it’s all we have.

      • Kainda said,

        Not saying a whole lot for yourself or other men, dear.

  2. Xerc said,

    In my defence i am pretty sure i am not like that 90% of the time. /tear

  3. Kainda said,

    You manage to toss in a few things that make me wonder about you too, Xercy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t luff you.

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