May I have your attention please?

04/14/2010 at 12:25 PM (DailyBlah) (, )

Now that I’ve got some attention :-p

I really have nothing of importance to say today. Feeling pretty blah. Kainda got her Noble title (Yay! That makes a whole two titles! -.-). Little H is about five bubbles away from hitting 20, meaning all of my alts will no longer need to walk everywhere they go. Meja is level 23, going on 24 soon. Need to do a few randoms with Fealen so I can get her level up higher. Questing with Fealen 2.0 is difficult when he is six levels higher than Meja. Mizteri is still awaiting a time when all her leveling pals are all on at once. Adi is wondering if she should stick with Destruction or go to Affliction. Heard some nice things about Affliction and some equally good things about Destruction. I’ll try Destruction with her for a little longer, then switch to Affliction. If I don’t like it… I can always switch her back again.

Just wanted to do a little update since I had been posting daily then just kind of stopped for a couple days. Fealen has been sick so I’ve been being a good little girlfriend and giving him plenty of tlc. I’ve also been a little off lately but I’ll be better soon. Just giving life a little more attention than WoW right now.

Until next time!




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