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Again, I really have nothing of great importance to say today. I haven’t had a lot of play time these past few days so nothing note-worthy has come to me to write about. I must suggest that all who read this blog go check out the story by fellow SAN member, Amelia. Only two chapters so far, but they are beautifully written with some amazing illustrations.

Nothing really new with the toons. Kainda remains bored, Mizteri remains inactive, Adi is striving to reach level 30 and a new zone to quest in. Meja is in dire need of some dungeon runs but fears pugging more than death and H is doing her best to achieve the goals set to her by the quest givers whenever she has the chance to get to them.

I do intend to do some heavy leveling of Meja, H and Adi as soon as I can but life has interrupted my play time and requires much more attention than WoW does at this point. I promise to get back to leveling and therefore better posts than just these little updates.

On a side note: Fealen asked me if I wanted on of those Celestial steed thingies. Sorry, everyone else is talking about them… decided to add to the fray. Anyway. He plans to get one for himself and keeps asking me if I want one. I can’t help but be concerned that he is willing to dole out $50 for a mount that we can both have in a game. At the same time I think things that sparkle are fun and enjoy watching them on the screen. And even still I don’t know if I really want something that a large percentage of the WoW community has already gotten.

Then I saw a post about lil XT. I thought ‘ZOMG I WANT IT!’ as soon as I read about it… then I saw a video about it and wanted it even more. A mount I can say ‘No, spending money on that is dumb’ but wave a cute little vanity pet at me and I can’t resist. I feel so… used so… cheap. I can’t resist a fun little vanity pet. Especially one that talks and destroys trains and…squee! I want it!

So guess what I will be asking for instead of the steed?

Until next time!





  1. Amelia said,

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, Kai! I am about to make a DeviantArt account so I can comment on some of your stories there (I felt so silly when I realized that they were on the left side of the screen the whole time!)

    And also, I would love to be a part of your editing circle. I really enjoy editing — in fact, sometimes I am worried that I am a better editor than I am writer, but we’ll see! =P

    I couldn’t find your e-mail on here, so I will just send you a message on DeviantArt to get in the loop…

    As to this celestial mount thing, I do think it is kind of a shame that they charge actual dollars for a virtual thing. I mean, I definitely enjoy getting items in game that are pretty, and wouldn’t mind a nice pet like XT… but 25 dollars seems like so much money! One could buy a new hardcover book or two CDs for that much… (books and albums are the only things I spend my money on besides food, so that is my natural point of comparison =P).

    Anyway, if you’re BF is willing to pay for it – hey, why not! But at the same time I can’t help but feel awkward about it, especially when people in other countries live on like a dollar a day.. (Okay I’ll stop, I didn’t come on here to make you feel guilty =P I’m spending $15 dollars a month on this game after all!)

  2. Kainda said,

    Haha. Well I can’t wait to see you around DeviantArt. And the way I look at it… if he is willing to buy it for me I won’t whine. I have a weakness for vanity pets anyway :-p


  3. Bakhunin said,

    But come on! Starpony!

    Actually, worst thing I’ve heard in BG chat today from some random. “omg, I’d only buy it if it went faster. ur so dumb.” Not that I have one nor do I want one, but it definitely seems to be getting to the point that a bunch of people feel like they’ve got nothing better to do than chew out people who have one for inane reasons.

  4. Kainda said,

    Bak! I didn’t know you read my blog 😀 Welcome, haha.

    I… yeah. I stated how I felt. People are turning it into much more than it has to be. My friend Gurhulk has a really good point going in his blog (check my blogroll). But… yeah. Fealen wants one, I want XT. I think we are both getting what we want soon lol.

  5. Bakhunin said,

    Rats! Now I’ve given it away!

    I think Gurhulk’s point about the mounts and already being sold via wowTCG is a good one.

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