It’s Been a While…

04/28/2010 at 6:04 PM (Rants, Updates)

since I have really done a lot with both WoW and my blog; sorry. Life without a job is causing me to be a bum. I’ll fix that soon.

So for lack of anything else to write, I’ll give a brief update on the toons. Uhm… Adi reached 30, H is helping Fealen’s new SAN toon to level a bit (human warrior named Renthor, not quite level 10) while trying to finish up her own stuff. Meja… is on hold, along with Mizteri and Kainda. And, out of sheer boredom, I created a new alt which is also in SAN. Her name is Melanesia. She is a Dwarf rogue. We’ll see how quickly I either level her or get bored with her.

I am discovering that I am the type of player who tries a bunch of new classes and then decides which ones I like best then stick with them. And if a character I have gets to a point where I feel like I am either getting bored with, frustrated with, stuck or I feel like I can’t do anything else with them… they go on hold. *Shrug* What can I say? I get bored quickly…

I don’t think I have much else to say right now. Maybe sometime in the near future I will get some dungeons done on Meja so she and Fealen can quest again. And maybe Kainda will get some love soon too. We’ll see what happens…

Until next time!





  1. Bakhunin said,

    I hear you about putting toons on hold. I don’t really have the interest in persisting through levelling a class I’m not enjoying, and combined with a pretty short attention span it can get silly fast.

    • Kainda said,

      Exactly! Meja was my first SAN toon, so I won’t delete her. And maybe I will level her with dungeons so I can quest again with Fealen on her, but I don’t enjoy Pally as much as I do warlock, hunter and druid. I dunno what I think of Rogue just yet. But yeah. If I don’t enjoy the toon, I just kind of… find another one to work on or make a new one.

  2. antlergirl said,

    I actually do exactly the same thing. I make loads of alts, play them for a while, get bored and they are on ice.

    • Kainda said,

      Hehe. Fealen hates it. But when he is too busy to help me with something, or just doesn’t want to, I need to find SOMETHING to do.. so I make a new character :-p

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