Thieving Boy

05/14/2010 at 9:11 AM (DailyBlah, Rants, Updates, WoW)

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I haven’t even been able to play for the last week or so because Fealen’s video card went kaput so he stole mine since we have the same computer. I was forced to endure the week without my toons while he had a blast leveling his newest alt: an orc hunter. But he got his new video card in yesterday so mine will be back where it belongs and can start working on my alts again. I was thinking about doing some small stuff on Kainda too, but we will see what happens.

Life outside of WoW is fairly boring. I don’t have a job currently so I spend my days reading, writing or cleaning. Not exactly the most exciting schedule. I have a break from it when I go to the town my college is in to visit friends and do whatever new paperwork they claim I need in order to gain financial aid for the fall semester. I also have a friday night date night with some friends and Fealen, and Sundays are my weekly D&D game. But otherwise my life is fairly bland.

My newest alt on WoW, Melanesia the dwarf rogue, is getting to be pretty fun. Last time I was working on her, I was doing my best not to get killed by Leper Gnomes and screaming in SAN Gchat about how much I hated them everytime they did kill me. I think she is somewhere around level 10. Haven’t done a ton on the other alts, really, but as I haven’t been able to play for a week I refuse to take blame for that!

I suppose I will bring this entry to a close. I intend on posting regularly again as soon as I get back into the swing of things. Thanks to the thieving boy whom I love so dearly, that will be by Monday. I hope.

Until next time!




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