Well that was useful…

05/17/2010 at 5:21 PM (Rants, Updates, WoW)

So I did what I have said I would for… oh… the last five entries or so; I took Kainda to do a daily. Yeah, I know. Just one isn’t anything to dance around Dalaran about but, hey, it turned out to be a great run for me! So maybe I didn’t do a whole lot of DPS, and maybe Gurhulk had to remind to switch my fishing pole back for my staff… and maybe my gear sucks giant tauren balls… but I got  bronze drake out of it despite my scrubness. Yup, that’s right. A CoS run produced a Bronze drake, along with a few achievements for Kainda and made me feel a little better about her. At least until I realized my riding/flying skill was only at 225 and my drake requires 300. So now the pretty drake is sitting in my bank until I can get my skill up and actually be able to use it. Whoops.

I was instructed by Gurhulk, soon after the run,  that I should use some of my frost emblems to get a new piece of gear. Sadly the piece that would be great for me (cloak… I think mine is still green o.O) was 50 emblems and I have 42. So, after discovering that, I was told to run a dungeon once a day all week and maybe even do the weekly so I could gear Kai up and not feel like such a scrub.

After messing about on Kainda I did some more work on Adi. She’s 31 now. While doing a quest from Tarren Mill that required me to run into a cave full of yetis and ‘charge’ some fires that were in there for Merlin knows what reason, I discovered that yeti fighting with just a VoidWalker as a companion really sucks. Lucky for me, though (and you’ll never hear me say this again when talking about one of my horde toons) a couple Night Elves ran in and started destroying the yetis. Now, usually, when a level 80 and a level 35 Night Elf run by me I would whisper one of my Revenged loves and tell them where the allys were so they could gank them. Today however I followed the nice Night Elves and ompleted my quest while they accomplished whatever goal they were after. We waved once the cave was clear and went out separate ways.

Today was just full of fun on my Horde toons. Maybe I will have more to update about Kainda tomorrow!

Until next time!




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