Let’s Play the Random Game!

05/22/2010 at 5:47 PM (Rants, Updates, WoW) (, , , , )

Today has been a pretty weird day. I spent a good portion of it leveling H (lvl 26!) in Duskwood. I spent most of that time dead, but it was fun. During questing, on my way to kill some Worgens I believe, I had my first encounter with Stitches. This wasn’t one of those ‘admire’ him from afar encounters. It was a I was walking along and suddenly I was being pummeled by his mass of random appendages and then watching him run away from my corpse encounter. Sad part is I was just informed about him two days ago and had the two people who vividly described him and told me to run if I saw him by myself not said anything… I wouldn’t have known what was going on. Since I did know what was going on (after the fact) I spent the rest of the time traveling with ‘Track Undead’ on so that I could run for my life if he came within range again. And he did, two more times. Thanks to my new friend Sess and to my dear Ameilia. =D

H also got new gear, so she isn’t so much of a fail Hunter. She was just a ‘let’s mess around’ toon at first but since I lost interest in doing too much with Kai, I’ve become more serious about H. So new gear and so far it is serving her well! My hog pet, Truffles, is serving her well too. He makes things go dead.

I made a decision today to put Kainda back into Revenged. Adelinda will be joining her rather than putting Mizteri back in. I’m going to lvl Miz a little more, but she is going to remain in Fritos and become my bank toon and whatever else I feel like doing with her. Maybe I’ll do PvP with her? Anyway. Had a chat with the GM of Revenged and told him I missed the chaos and my friends in guild, that I wanted to get back in but that I wasn’t going to have anything to do with the certain member (who hasn’t been around for a while) that I had issues with last time. He was fine with it, of course, so within the next day or so both Adi and Kai will be in Revenged and I will be able to do things with help a lot more haha. I think I needed the break from Revenged, but I do want to do 10man raids with Kai so I think that is the next goal. Plus, Kai has really…really terrible gear and DPS and that HAS to change. I refuse to remain like that!

One last bit of random for the day. While grabbing my fishing daily in Dal today, I (and a lot of other people on at the time) got a whisper from ‘Blizzard.’ You know, one of those hacker types that tries to look official and offer something really awesome just to get your account info and screw you over big time? Yeah, well, anyone who actually believed this one receives the second biggest fail award. The first biggest fail award goes to the person(s) who sent the whisper. Here is what it said:

[Blizzard]: Hello. To thank you for your support for World of Warcraft. Blizzard will be giving your horse a celestial steed. Receiving Please visit: http://www.wowcataclymus.com

Let’s talk about the things that are wrong with this.

1) Punctuation does wonders for a sentence. In this example, it shows us how inept these people are at a task as simple as writing a sentence.

2) I don’t have a horse, but if I did it would be getting a Celestial Steed! Wow! How great for my horse!

3) ‘Receiving Please Visit ‘ Grammar much? Let’s pretend you aren’t a total failure, Mr. or Mrs. hacker person. Whoops, my imagination can’t connect to the server. Sorry.

4) Cataclymus? Really? What made anyone think that that wouldn’t be one of the big red flags about this message? Aside from the fact that the message itself is a red flag?

Okay. I’m done with that. Listening to Fealen PvP on his Priest while I am doing my fishing daily. I just really wanted to write this post.

Until next time!





  1. Bakhunin said,

    You know… I kind of thing we shouldn’t publicise how poorly their grammar is, because eventually someone who does these is going to read, and learn. 😛

  2. Kainda said,

    Shhhh. Dont spoil my fun!

  3. Michelinea said,

    I love it, your horse is getting a mount. I can’t wait to see that in the Dal flight-point.

    “What’s that Mable? Is it a horse flying on another horse?”
    “Yes Bob, but one is Sparkley!”
    “I want one of those, all I have to do is go to cataclysmus.com!”

    • Kainda said,

      Haha exactly. I love people sometimes… just because they give me something to make fun of! ❤

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