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06/02/2010 at 11:36 AM (Random, Updates, WoW)

Oh hey! Guess what? H is now 2.0’s level so Fealen and I can quest together again! Yay! That is the goal I have had for H for a while now since I really can’t stand to play a melee character. And yes, that means that Meja is my ‘bank alt’ for SAN and Mel is… just kind of chillaxin. I’m quite obviously a ranged girl. Gee… you’d think I’d have realized that from the title of my blog. Heh heh.

Speaking of ranged… guess what I went and did? Yup. I made another alt! Hehe. This one is on Eitrigg. She’s a Belf mage named Talierah. I looove her. SO much fun. Why did I make a new alt? Because Fealen made one and I’m such a freakin altoholic that I couldn’t stand him having a new toy and I didn’t! Crazy stuff, I know! Oh, and she is in Revenged which totally rocks cause if I have a quest I can’t do, guess who can help? ANYONE THAT IS ON! Yay for having helpful guildies!

Uhm. So my last post stated that I was running low on things to write about for this here blog. My dear Fealen suggested I write about all the silly questions I ask him about the game, and I decided to do just that. My next post will be focused on those, an there will be a fun little twist to the post as well. So keep and eye out for that!

I think that is all I really wanted to write. Just wanted to let people know I didn’t give up on the blog yet. I’m going to go play FableII now, though. =D

Until next time!




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