Truffles the Undead

06/17/2010 at 5:07 PM (Random, Updates, WoW) (, , , )

The other day I was questing with Fealen on H and 2.0. We were wiping out the undead population fairly quickly. Then suddenly, as my pig (truffles) was running back to me I realized something wasn’t quite right. The tag was right, but it wasn’t a pig running at me. It was a tiny female undead. I blinked a few times and pointed it out to Fealen, who seemed slightly amused. I was more than slightly amused. In fact I squealed like a three year old handed a piece of candy everytime Truffles went from pig to Undead. If we were getting ready to mount up, I refused until the curse fell off. She was just too adorable to get rid of so quickly. I also discovered that when I sent Truffles the Undead off to attack something, she was casting some type of spell… it was sparkly and purple and it made me giggle. I think Fealen got a kick out of me more than Truffles. Anyway, I was quick witted enough to grab a screen shot of it.

Earlier in my leveling of H in Menethil Harbor, I encountered another strange thing. Killing crockolisks was enjoyable enough for me, seeing as I hate crocs and alligators irl. But when one died floating in the air, I was disturbed as all Hell. I pointed it out to Fealen (I make him look at a lot of dumb stuff. He’s sitting next to me when we play and even if he is on Eitrigg and I am on Argent Dawn, I make him look at stuff on my screen.)  and he was slightly baffled as well. Once more, I remembered to screen shot it (clever Kainda is clever).

Truffles was her normal piggy self then. Considering it was before the undead incident! ❤

I’ve started leveling Meja again. /gasp! I know. Shocking. I really don’t like melee classes very much (Mel is no more. Just got far too bored with her!) Meja, however, is starting to be fun again. Maybe taking a break from her was just what I needed. All I know is that I leveled two levels and then farmed copper last night and can’t wait to do more tonight. Meja is now, however, no longer the ‘main’ on Argent Dawn. H is. Funny how both of my Hunters are my mains, huh? =P

Oh! Almost forgot. I made a new character in SAN (surprising, I know….please note the sarcasm dripping from every syllable). Her name is Saury (‘sorry’) and she is a Dreanei priest. I made her so I can level with my friend Xerc while life on Eitrigg is boring, or the server is down, or boredom hits. She’s level 7 I believe. =D I’m such an Altaholic.

I’m going to leave Questions open for a few more days so if you want to give them a shot I suggest you do it before I close the ‘contest’ ^.^ I’d really love to see a bunch more responses, please!? I’ve got some really good ones right npw, but more to choose from would make life a lot more entertaining for me. So come on, all. Give it your best shot!

Okay. Entirely too energetic to sit and write. Off to find something else to do…

Until next time!




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