And the winner is…

06/30/2010 at 12:12 PM (WoW) (, )

Well! I reviewed all the responses to my questions and have decided upon a winner. Now, before I announce said winner, I must say that I am disappointed that not as many people attempted answers as I had hoped, but I am impressed with the answers I received! It was a tough choice to pick just one person to win this mock-contest I threw together. But after reviewing all the responses I narrowed it down to two people (I really wanted to have everyone win. Maybe another contest is needed for the future). I debated between those two people and finally decided that one of them, being a good friend of mine, could request to have a short story any time he wanted. So I suppose he will be considered the runner-up. Gibs, my love, you had some very interesting responses. Definitely typical Gibs 😉

So now the winner. PVE Rogues gave me a creative, fun, funny and sometimes even sensible answer to every question. They either made me laugh the hardest or made the most sense. So congratulations! Head on over to my DeviantArt and glance over some of my short stories. Just go right into my gallery and click the links along the left side. Forged of War is based on a Dungeons and Dragons game so that might be the best place to start. When you’ve done that, let me know the setting and character you’d like me to write about and any other details you like included 🙂

Thank you to everyone else who contributed to the mock-contest! (Except you Gurhulk, you’re just a pain =P). I intend to figure out another contest type thingy sometime. Everyone is welcome to check out my writing and my artwork on DeviantArt. Again, thanks everyone who put in their two-cent!

Until next time!





  1. pve rogues said,

    o.o I won? Honestly? Huh?

    Well I have to say I’m really suprised (pleasantly ofc), I didn’t think I would lol. I’m just looking over your short stories now, may take me a while to read them all ^^
    I’m really not sure what to suggest tbh for writing topic =o But it sounds uber fun… let me have a quick think on it first and I’ll get back to you…

    When you write the story would you mind awfully if I linked to it on my blog by the way? 😀

    • Kainda said,

      I wouldn’t mind at all 🙂

      All I need is one of your WoW characters to write about, an idea of their ‘personality’, setting, etc. Or, if you’d like, I can write one that has nothing to do with WoW. I just figured writing one based around WoW for a contest based around WoW made sense =P

      Congratulations again! =D


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