A Letter from Kainda

07/08/2010 at 12:37 PM (Random, WoW) (, )

Dear BRK,

I’m sure you don’t know me. In fact, you probably don’t even know that I exist.  But I wanted to write a letter to you, that you probably won’t ever read, to let you know how much I admire you. See, I’m a pretty lame Hunter. Well, most of the time. I know how to stay out of things that look potentially dangerous to my health, I don’t often find myself being called a ‘Huntard’ and I can do my job to the best of my ability. But I am also aware that my gear is far from acceptable for any level80 Hunter, I have some pretty terrible DPS and I might, just might, have a small fear of Raids.

Telling you about myself isn’t the point of this letter though. I am writing to thank you for making me feel better about myself as a Hunter. Many of my Guild Mates, and other friends around Azeroth, enjoy telling me that I am only a Hunter because that is the class n00bs play. But after seeing you videos and reading your blog, I have come to realize that being a Hunter is an honor. And all that talk from the other classes? Yup, jealousy!

I don’t admit undying devotion to many people. I’m a pretty free spirit. I listen only to my trainers, my Guild Master on occasion and the voices in my head. Other than that? I give the commands. I decide what to attack, when to attack it, how to attack it. And my loving, devoted pets don’t typically question me (but every Hunter knows by now that making pets listen ALL the time is a near impossible feat, right?) I am the pack leader, and it feels great. However, your skill, sense of humor and willingness to help other Hunters be what we were meant to be is more than admirable. I can sit and watch the same video over and over and learn something new from it each time. You explain things clearly and in a way that even Orcs can understand.

You have inspired me to get off my cute little Blood Elf arse, pick up my bow, call to my devoted cat Slynx, or Munroe… maybe even my bear Fig if I am feeling ambitious, and go out and face Azeroth at its worse. I can once again join groups for random dungeon runs and not worry about my low gear or DPS because I do my job right and that should be what matters right now, until I get better gear and show them all that I am a Hunter and I will not be discriminated against.

I guess what I am trying to say in a very round about way, BRK, is thank you. You’ve instilled inspiration in me to live my life once again. You’ve given me the tools that have helped me feel confident in my ability to be a Hunter. You’ve got me to be who and what I was meant to be. And you’ve helped me become better at everything with your amazing guides.

Thank you, BRK. You have my undying love and devotion.

Love always,



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