It lives!

08/11/2010 at 7:23 PM (Rants)

I am alive! I swear it! In fact, out of boredom, I made a trial account to get a little play time in. I can’t join the guild, however, so that blows. But at least I got to play a little.

I get my refund check from my college next month. I will be reactivating my account when I do and (hopefully) getting a new computer to be able to play on. Everyone cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs and anything else you can that I am able to pull this off! Haha!

In other news: When I come back, I will slowly be transferring my toons over to Argent Dawn. Maybe not all of them will be in SAN, but they will at least be on Argent Dawn. And most likely will be doing faction change to them too. I think I decided Adelinda and Kainda were the only ones who would be remaining in Revenged as they are the two I enjoy playing most on Horde/Eitrigg. All the others will find their way to Alliance soon. :-p

Well as much as I would love to ramble on for several hours, I am going to get some play time in. If anyone wants to send me a tell (since I can only chat with people that have added me as a friend) add Abrette to your friends’ lists on Eitrigg or add Keerani to your friends’ lists on Argent Dawn. I get lonely, so some tells from good friends would be nice.

Until next time!




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