The Best Kinds of Friends

08/29/2010 at 8:29 AM (Updates, WoW)

Sometimes the best kinds of friends are the ones who remember when your birthday is, know exactly what to get you, and do so a month early. Gotta send tons of thanks and love to Gibs for my 90day game-time he got me for my birthday next month. I got my new computer (and despite it being a netbook, I still intend to play WoW on it) and have WoW downloaded onto it. Just need to get the updater to work and I am good to go. Expect to see me on within the next few days. School starts Wednesday. I’ll need something to do in/in between classes :-p

Super excited for the new stuff and for school to start, but can’t wait to play again. Missing my SAN loves (I must be SO far behind now) and my Revenged loves. One thing I will say I will always be thankful to Fealen for was getting me to play this game and meet so many amazing people. Makes me look back at the first two years of our relationship and wonder how it would have been different if I’d just started playing the first time he asked…

Anyway. Just wanted to update everyone.I will swing by campus and see if the computer club has an open computer after I get some stuff done tomorrow. If they do, I will be on and very happy to say hi to everyone ā¤ šŸ™‚

(Yes, this also means I will be posting more regularly)

Until next time!





  1. Giblets said,

    Yay!!! It’s about time we get a new post. Now you need to get things rolling šŸ˜› Maybe even do (dare i say it; i will, i will) a raid!! šŸ˜› just kidding. Anyways have fun playing WoW. I miss all my buddies there.

  2. Kainda said,

    :-p No raiding for me. But I will get things rolling again.

  3. Giblets said,

    Get your butt on!! šŸ˜› You know you miss your WoW buddies.

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