10/01/2010 at 9:40 AM (Random, Updates, WoW) (, , )

The big Hunter in the sky shot me in the ass with a Misdirect. Hence my distraction from the WoW community…

Sorry I literally vanished off the face of Azeroth. School started, then I got a job. I’m working in between my classes. Homework at the end of the day. I get very little time for much else. BUT. I did manage to play WoW for a little over and hour yesterday between class and work, and I played the day before for about three hours with Fealen. H and 2.0 are currently taking on STV and so far we kick ass. Kind of…

My focus, the few times I have been on WoW in the last couple of weeks, has been my SAN toons. I’ve been working on Meja quite a bit, and H is coming along nicely as well. It’s been nice to be able to just jump on and  kill things when life gets a little too stressful. I did, however, get on Adelinda a bit yesterday. Consequently she (and Meja) is also in STV. They’re all in their 30’s right now. Anyway. It was nice to be on one of the Revenged toons.

Well, the big Hunter in the sky is going to notice me edging away from the target he set me on, so I better sneak away before I get shot with another Misdirect.

Until next time!




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