Sad Hunter is Sad

10/14/2010 at 3:07 PM (DailyBlah, Updates, WoW) ()

Life just got a little less busy. And why am I a sad Hunter? Because I can’t fill my free time up with WoW. The computers I play on are in use 98% of the time, and that other 2% I end up not being in a WoW mood. I’ve been keeping up with all the changes and stuff, but I haven’t had the… hmm… luxury of being able to experience them.

A good friend of mine and I were talking about the changes with the new patch as well as Cata. It was nice to have one of those conversations again. I don’t get to talk to Fealen often, so having someone else around to chat WoW with makes my days a little less blah.

I’ve had a few questions about when I would be returning to the game for good. I haven’t really thought on the subject, but I did some planning and thinking last night while talking with my friend. I decided that with my next check from the college, after rent is paid of course, I will be getting myself a new computer. Not a laptop this time. This computer will be specifically for gaming. I’ll have a better job, and more time to play by then. So, sadly, I won’t be back in game for good until about January. Yes, this means I will miss all the Cata hub-bub and what not. And yes, that makes me fairly depressed, but I’ll survive. Better late than never. Right? Right.

I suppose I better get back to studying. Had a rare chance to chat with Fealen. He mentioned blogging and it reminded me that this thing existed. Not that many people read it, but my thoughts are on…screen… now. It makes me feel better about myself as a blogger to at least get one post up every now and again. :-p

Until next time!




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