Two Hours

11/06/2010 at 10:10 AM (DailyBlah, Random) ()

It seems I’ve been reduced to leaping onto a computer in the computer club and snagging two hours to play whenever I get the chance.

Yesterday I got the chance. I kind of hopped on to see who was about, but didn’t really see anyone I knew on. It was a sad day. So I leveled hunter #3 to level 11 (she was sitting on 8 or 9) and then got kicked off the computer so one of the other club members could play something.

January can’t come soon enough. I need a desktop and Cata so bad. My account will be inactive after Nov. 25th until I do get the new computer unless someone buys me time for Christmas or something. Either way there will be very little of me online until January. /sigh

Just wanted to do a brief entry so everyone knows I still exist…


Until next time!




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  1. Giblets said,

    Hey there! I can’t wait to get back to cataclysm once i get back. This little tidbit over on has me even more excited about it: “…If stories from the PTR taught us anything, it’s that dungeons will be much harder than we’re used to. Healers will be taxed, CC will be heavily employed, tanks will have to work harder…..”. Hopefully i can get on for a little bit when i go on R&R in the spring. Let everyone know in SAN know i said hi!!

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