2 Days to go…

01/29/2012 at 12:25 PM (DailyBlah, Random, Rants, Updates, WoW)

I’m greatly disappointed that I have two days left to play the full version of WoW before the time my friend bought me runs out. I’ve enjoyed working on the toons that I often neglected when I had the full version all the time. It will be sad to have to go back to only leveling toons to 20. But, alas, tis how it must be for a while. I’m sure I’ll survive… maybe.

As for how I plan to deal with this blog… well.. considering I’ve had a grand total of 1 view since I started it up again, I think I may just use it to rant about things that annoy me and stuff like that…. at least I know I can look back at it and laugh if need be :p



Until Next Time!




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