Characters Galore

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As promised, a list of my characters. Included is their level, their class and their race and faction. I also added a couple random facts about a couple of them, too.

Kainda- Level 80 Blood Elf Hunter, Horde. Currently located in Orgrimmar. I have no idea why she is there. She has shitty gear and I probably won’t do anything else with her…

Adelinda- Level 33 Undead Warlock, Horde. Currently located in STV while I figure out where I want to go next with her.

Mizteri- Level 23 Tauren Druid, Horde. Currently in Thunder Bluff. I, for some reason, thought she was Mel. She is not, obviously. Might do lots of work with her. Strictly leveling her in dungeons and the like. At least, that was the original plan. This may change.

Talierah- Level 12 Blood Elf Mage, Horde. Currently in Eversong Woods. I have no idea what I am doing on this character. It’s fun.

Meja- Level 33 Draneai Paladin, Alliance. Currently in Duskwood. I have no clue why. Plan to do more leveling with her once I decide where that will take place.

Kaindah (H)- Level 34 Night Elf Hunter, Alliance. Currently in STV. Again, trying to decide what I want to do with her/ where I want to quest.

Saury- Level 7 Draneai Priest, Alliance. Currently in The Exodar. Made her to level with a friend who no longer plays. Still deciding what to do.


Charna- Level 8 Gnome Warlock, Alliance. Currently in Dun Morogh. Leveling her with my roommate, who also has SE. Sadly, can only level to 20.

Alethea- Level 5 Night Elf Druid, Alliance. Currently in Teldrassil. Leveling her with my roommate, as well.

Kaindah (2.0)- Level 10 Draneai Hunter, Alliance. Currently in Azuremyst Isle. Leveling on my own for the hell of it.


There you go! That’s my post for today. My name is Kai, and I’m an Altaholic.


Until next time!




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The time has come…

06/24/2010 at 6:15 PM (Random, WoW) (, )

First thing is first: my little ‘contest’ has come to a close. This means that any chance anyone had to respond to my questions has passed. I’ll go over the answers I have received and choose a ‘winner’ over the weekend. Until then, enjoy some of my rantings. (Warning: The following paragraphs have nothing to do with each other. The only common factor is WoW. Otherwise there is really no connection.)

First off: Meja dinged 30 yesterday! I’m bound and determined to get her to 80 without a leveling/questing buddy. That’s not to say I won’t need help time and again, and some dungeon runs with guildies would be nice, but otherwise I WILL do this by myself!

Next item on the agenda: RealID is my new favorite toy! That is all.

Sometimes I think I’ve really hit an all time low with my WoW addiction and it is entirely Fealen’s fault. The other night I was questing, while trying to get a friend of mine to play WoW so I can get the Refer-a-friend rocket, while at the same time chatting with another friend and making some very adult jokes using WoW terms (‘I want to run your instance’ etc). Of course Fealen found this all very amusing and jumped in on the jokes conversation. Needless to say I was worried for my soul that night. What is left of it that is.

Ever been sitting quietly, grinding out some xp with quests or dungeons, when suddenly, from the other side of the room, voices begin screaming in frustration, anger and despair from vent? No? Well that feel lucky. Fealen and I have our computers in the same room and he keeps his vent fairly loud during raids. I always know when there has been a wipe because of the yelling. On the other hand, when they’ve downed a new boss, the screams of joy ring through the room just as loudly. Not to mention the in-between conversations that typically orbit around the subject of a certain part of the male anatomy. Always a joy when Fealen has his vent open…

I’ve decided to enter the WoW writing contest. Fealen pointed it out to me and I have decided I really want to give it a shot. I write all the time, as some of you know, and a new challenge is just what I need to get my creative juices flowing! So if anyone would like to become my personal editors whenever I actually start this thing, let me know 🙂

I had something that seemed mildly important or entertaining to write about but it seems to be evading my thoughts. If I think of it I will toss it into a note for myself and add it into the next post.

I guess that is all for now.

Until next time!



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03/20/2010 at 8:52 AM (Rants, WoW) (, )

I’ve come to realize I have tiny bit of an addiction in WoW. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, when, where or what server… if I see a non-combat pet vender… I veer off my original path and straight to them. If someone is offering them to guild members via gchat, I am rather quick to say “Yes! I would like one please!” If, in SAN, someone has placed one in the guild bank, I wait a day and then, if no one else has taken them… I do it.I went out of my way yesterday on Kaindah to go to the owl trainer person in Darnasuss (sp?) and get both of the owls she sells as soon as I had just enough silver. I then, mid quest on Meja, did the same thing.

It worries me slightly. Should anyone really be this obsessed with buying/recieving pets? Hell, Fealen and I buy the trading cards just for the VERY SLIGHT CHANCE that there might be a pet card in there. I want both plushies JUST for the in-game pet. Fealen bought me lil-KT and for the first week I had him out on Kainda more than I did any of my REAL pets.

I wonder if they have any… non-combat pet obsession awareness groups? I might look into one. It’d be very helpful in not feeling to need to snag every single one I see the instant I see it. I mean… really. Who does that? I know do, but who else? Am alone in this sickness of WoW non-combat pets? Should I seek out help? Or are there others who share my love and obsession for the little guys?

Hi. My name is Kainda and I’m addicted to Non-combat pets.

Until next time!



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