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I’ve come to a realization…

I hate questing alone. At least, right now I do. All of the toons I want to work on are between level 35 and 50. I’m finding I am really not a fan of these levels or the zones I need to quest in. Blah.

On a brighter note, it’s nice to be back on the toons. H, Meja, Adelinda, Kainda and Mel are all great to play. The variety between them wasn’t lost on me in the past, and it certainly isn’t now. I love the thrill of face-to-face (or face-to-claw) combat with Meja and Mel. But the ranged dps is always refreshing, too, with the hunters and Adi.

Next post, I’ll have a list of my toons, their levels and a few other things. Suggestions are more than welcome (though I’m not sure anyone ever even reads this thing).

Be safe out there! It’s a wild and crazy place, that Azeroth.


Until next time!




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A Letter from Kainda

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Dear BRK,

I’m sure you don’t know me. In fact, you probably don’t even know that I exist.  But I wanted to write a letter to you, that you probably won’t ever read, to let you know how much I admire you. See, I’m a pretty lame Hunter. Well, most of the time. I know how to stay out of things that look potentially dangerous to my health, I don’t often find myself being called a ‘Huntard’ and I can do my job to the best of my ability. But I am also aware that my gear is far from acceptable for any level80 Hunter, I have some pretty terrible DPS and I might, just might, have a small fear of Raids.

Telling you about myself isn’t the point of this letter though. I am writing to thank you for making me feel better about myself as a Hunter. Many of my Guild Mates, and other friends around Azeroth, enjoy telling me that I am only a Hunter because that is the class n00bs play. But after seeing you videos and reading your blog, I have come to realize that being a Hunter is an honor. And all that talk from the other classes? Yup, jealousy!

I don’t admit undying devotion to many people. I’m a pretty free spirit. I listen only to my trainers, my Guild Master on occasion and the voices in my head. Other than that? I give the commands. I decide what to attack, when to attack it, how to attack it. And my loving, devoted pets don’t typically question me (but every Hunter knows by now that making pets listen ALL the time is a near impossible feat, right?) I am the pack leader, and it feels great. However, your skill, sense of humor and willingness to help other Hunters be what we were meant to be is more than admirable. I can sit and watch the same video over and over and learn something new from it each time. You explain things clearly and in a way that even Orcs can understand.

You have inspired me to get off my cute little Blood Elf arse, pick up my bow, call to my devoted cat Slynx, or Munroe… maybe even my bear Fig if I am feeling ambitious, and go out and face Azeroth at its worse. I can once again join groups for random dungeon runs and not worry about my low gear or DPS because I do my job right and that should be what matters right now, until I get better gear and show them all that I am a Hunter and I will not be discriminated against.

I guess what I am trying to say in a very round about way, BRK, is thank you. You’ve instilled inspiration in me to live my life once again. You’ve given me the tools that have helped me feel confident in my ability to be a Hunter. You’ve got me to be who and what I was meant to be. And you’ve helped me become better at everything with your amazing guides.

Thank you, BRK. You have my undying love and devotion.

Love always,


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Let me tell you a tale…

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So my drive to play WoW is fairly… stagnant. I mean, I’ve been leveling H several times this past week. I think she is almost 28 now. I haven’t done a whole lot of anything else on any of the other toons. My main obsession lately is Fable II. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I am abandoning you for Fable. Not really. I just can’t seem to stop playing it. It’s a change from the monotony so for now I will focus on that until I start feeling the need to jump back into WoW more. That isn’t to say I am stopping playing WoW for good while I play Fable.  I’ll still be on H and probably Mel if I decide I want to deal with the quests she is on. And my horde toons have to get some love too. I just won’t be on as much as I had been this last week or more.

Aside from straying from WoW… hmm. Let me see. I am nearly done questing with H in Duskwood, then it is off to meet up with Fealen2.0 in Menithil Harbor to quest together again. I’ve missed questing with him. It was a way that I got to spend some time with him after he got out of work and didn’t want to do anything aside from play WoW. So having toons at the same level again will be nice.

Adelinda has moved on to Stranglethorn Vale. I enjoy quests in that area. I feel as though I am lost in the Amazon doing everything I can to survive. The fact that I am Undead, a Warlock and can summon a mount at just about any given time may not be realistic to that fantasy, but it at least adds to the mystery.

Kai is working hard at dailies. I do my fishing daily every day that I am on. I run a dungeon every other day most times, though sometimes Feef makes me do it everyday. HOWEVER. He’s really into PvP on Coag right now so dailies don’t happen as often. Uhm. I’m trying to get her LW up to full, too. It’s a pain in the arse, but I am getting there. Slowly but surely…

Miz and Meja remain my bank alts for the prospective servers. I took Meja out recently to do some mining. Mizteri still needs some professions aside from cooking. I might do that this weekend or something. Mel is stuck on her current quests and since I am all alone and they are all orange or red… I’m feeling pretty blah about them so instead of working through them I am just letting her sit in the Inn for a while until I feel ambitious.

I’m running out of fun things to blog about. Blog Azeroth is nice, but doesn’t provide me with many topics that I know a lot about or have a lot of interest in. So I am going to leave the floor open to suggestions from those of you who read on a regular basis. Random updates on the toons is great but I am getting bored with this blog, so PLEASE give me some ideas! Otherwise I may take a hiatus.

Until next time!



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Let’s Play the Random Game!

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Today has been a pretty weird day. I spent a good portion of it leveling H (lvl 26!) in Duskwood. I spent most of that time dead, but it was fun. During questing, on my way to kill some Worgens I believe, I had my first encounter with Stitches. This wasn’t one of those ‘admire’ him from afar encounters. It was a I was walking along and suddenly I was being pummeled by his mass of random appendages and then watching him run away from my corpse encounter. Sad part is I was just informed about him two days ago and had the two people who vividly described him and told me to run if I saw him by myself not said anything… I wouldn’t have known what was going on. Since I did know what was going on (after the fact) I spent the rest of the time traveling with ‘Track Undead’ on so that I could run for my life if he came within range again. And he did, two more times. Thanks to my new friend Sess and to my dear Ameilia. =D

H also got new gear, so she isn’t so much of a fail Hunter. She was just a ‘let’s mess around’ toon at first but since I lost interest in doing too much with Kai, I’ve become more serious about H. So new gear and so far it is serving her well! My hog pet, Truffles, is serving her well too. He makes things go dead.

I made a decision today to put Kainda back into Revenged. Adelinda will be joining her rather than putting Mizteri back in. I’m going to lvl Miz a little more, but she is going to remain in Fritos and become my bank toon and whatever else I feel like doing with her. Maybe I’ll do PvP with her? Anyway. Had a chat with the GM of Revenged and told him I missed the chaos and my friends in guild, that I wanted to get back in but that I wasn’t going to have anything to do with the certain member (who hasn’t been around for a while) that I had issues with last time. He was fine with it, of course, so within the next day or so both Adi and Kai will be in Revenged and I will be able to do things with help a lot more haha. I think I needed the break from Revenged, but I do want to do 10man raids with Kai so I think that is the next goal. Plus, Kai has really…really terrible gear and DPS and that HAS to change. I refuse to remain like that!

One last bit of random for the day. While grabbing my fishing daily in Dal today, I (and a lot of other people on at the time) got a whisper from ‘Blizzard.’ You know, one of those hacker types that tries to look official and offer something really awesome just to get your account info and screw you over big time? Yeah, well, anyone who actually believed this one receives the second biggest fail award. The first biggest fail award goes to the person(s) who sent the whisper. Here is what it said:

[Blizzard]: Hello. To thank you for your support for World of Warcraft. Blizzard will be giving your horse a celestial steed. Receiving Please visit:

Let’s talk about the things that are wrong with this.

1) Punctuation does wonders for a sentence. In this example, it shows us how inept these people are at a task as simple as writing a sentence.

2) I don’t have a horse, but if I did it would be getting a Celestial Steed! Wow! How great for my horse!

3) ‘Receiving Please Visit ‘ Grammar much? Let’s pretend you aren’t a total failure, Mr. or Mrs. hacker person. Whoops, my imagination can’t connect to the server. Sorry.

4) Cataclymus? Really? What made anyone think that that wouldn’t be one of the big red flags about this message? Aside from the fact that the message itself is a red flag?

Okay. I’m done with that. Listening to Fealen PvP on his Priest while I am doing my fishing daily. I just really wanted to write this post.

Until next time!



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Take it and run with it

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The last few days have been full of interesting experiences. I’ve been on Kainda a lot this week and am realizing how much I missed her, but at the same time I feel like I have nothing to do while I am playing. I do my dailies and then I go farm leather so I can max out my leather working. It’s the same thing over and over. Yesterday was a little different because my dailies included tournament stuffs, but it still felt… I don’t know. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make life on Kainda, my only lvl 80, more interesting? And raiding isn’t an option…

The alts are pretty… bored I guess. H hit 24 so I intend on going after a new pet, tanking boar. Fun stuff there. I need to move her to a new questing zone, too. Mel is 10, and I’m just kind of picking away at the quests for her. My Horde Alts are in the same boat: Adi is in need of a new questing zone and Miz is slowly picking off her quests one-by-one. I’m falling into a sort of rut with everything. I don’t want to take a break from WoW, since it is one way I actually get to spend time with Fealen, but I am also getting really bored with things. Again, suggestions to spice things up?

I guess that is all for today. Just feeling pretty blah about a lot of things, in game and IRL. I suppose that is how it goes…

Until next time.



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Diffiuclt Decisions

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Two servers. Five toons. Three guilds. It is a frustrating and interesting thing all at once. And last night, after a brief conversation with a good friend in real life and in game, I got to thinking. My first question to myself was ‘Why am I in <Revenged>?’ The answer came pretty quickly and made me sad. I’m in <Revenged> because that is where my boyfriend wanted me to be. I have a handful of friends in< Revenged>, but they are also supportive of me no matter what I do OUT of guild. So the next question was ‘What if I left <Revenged>?’ I’m sure I get a few complaints, a little begging not to (maybe?) but I really don’t BELONG there. I am there as ‘Fealen’s Girlfriend’ or ‘Mrs. Fealen’ to most. I have no real identity of my own with the majority of the people in that guild. Not to mention I don’t really like raiding a whole ton with them. I mean, I think raiding could be fun but there are people in every group there that rub me the wrong way. And I don’t mean the typical jerk that you find in every pug or raid party. There have been conversations, things said, that cause me to be uncomfortable around them. One individual instills such anger within me that I usually just quit what I am doing if he gets involved. I have reasons for such a  dislike of the person that very few would understand or find to be a ‘good reason’ but this is not the reason for this entry…

I have decided that Kainda and Mizteri, my toons in <Revenged>, are going to be moved into <Fritos>. <Fritos> is the guild Adelinda is in. It was created by Fealen and his good friend Gurhulk (he who made me question my existence in Revenged) as a joke and it has stuck around. Kainda was in it for her first… 70 levels I believe. I will keep those who have become like a second family to me on my friends list so I don’t lose contact with them, will run randoms with them when they want, but I have no need to remain in <Revenged> any longer. If they want me for something, they will know how to reach me.

As for <Single Abstract Noun>… I’ve never felt I belonged anywhere as much as I do there. It is a guild full of people who do what I do everyday; write and/or read. If I am not playing WoW, sleeping, working or out on date night friday nights… I am reading or writing. It is my life, my escape from all the stress I face each day. The people in SAN understand that. They are kind, accepting, funny and generally fun to be around. They are helpful when someone has a question and willing to talk to you for twenty minutes about nothing just because you mentioned you had a bad day. They will party-up with you if you are on the same quest and both struggling so you can finish it and be able to move on. Then not end the party just because that quest is finished but, in fact, have a small private chat with you for a few more minutes. In SAN I belong, I am accepted and I feel that, should we ever reach raiding status, it would not only be interesting but fun as well.

That is my post for today. To those who are saddened by my decisions, I am sorry. We can have a chat so I can explain my choices further. But I hope you support me in the choices I am making and continue to be like my brothers and sisters. ❤

Until next time!



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Bi-Polar Pets

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My last post detailed several things I love about being a Hunter. This post will be fully dedicated to my pets and how much I… love… them. First off is an image of all four of my babies. I just quickly threw it together in Photoshop( I usually do much higher quality work in PS, I swear) but it exists. Fig the bear, Slynx the Kitty,  Munroe the Kitty and Telly the Warpstalker.

I love my pets, as any Hunter should. When I solo, they are my true strength and power against mobs. They’ve prevented a death more often than I can count. And they provide a small level of amusement on days I can’t find a damn thing to do. However. There are points in time where I just want to hit dismiss and hearth because they have done something unforgivable or embarrassing.

The thing a Hunter hates most, especially when in a dungeon, is when their pet decides, randomly, to turn away from its current target and run at something on the opposite side of the room. This results in dragging a couple extra mobs over to where the tank is attempting to take down the already fairly large group of mobs. And a small onslaught of swearing from party members at or about the Hunter or pet.

If nothing else happens the whole dungeon run, it won’t fail that my pet decides he/she is bored with its current target and run off. This could be because the new mob hit the party with an AoE effect, had a random Aggro aimed at me or just because the pet is Bi-Polar/ADD. My first thought is ‘Is it on aggressive?’ but a quick glance usually tells me that isn’t the reason at all. So I am usually left to assume the pet has lost its mind, become suicidal or homocidal. I sigh heavily, glance at the chuckling Fealen to my right, then appologize to the party for my pets complete asshole move.

Since hearing the not-so-endearing term “Huntard” I have strived to not be ‘one of those Hunters’ that everyone hates to get in their queues. I’ve had a fellow Hunter in a random before and realized just how well my hard work has paid off. The ignorance of some Hunters ASTOUNDS me. I didn’t understand why Hunters were hated until I met my first real Huntard. Now, whenever something, such as my pet being spazztic, occurs… all I can think is ‘Oh God, it begins. I’m going to be seen as a Huntard’ which then forces me to redouble my advances on the targets.

Despite the many times my pets have done stupid, spazztic, Bi-Polar things… I still adore them. Solo days, they are my only companions. They make me smile when I am beyond bored and they bring justice I wouldn’t be able to bring upon foes with the claws and teeth and utmost loyalty to me. I guess everyone just has to expand their boudries sometimes… even Bi-Polar pets. :-p

Until next time!



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Huntard Love

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(Kainda, Slynx{one of her two kitties} and one of her many non-combat pets)

As I have clearly stated, my main is a Hunter. I love playing a Hunter, and have enjoyed it from the beginning. Sure, having a Holy Priest to level with is convenient when healing myself isn’t an option as a Hunter. And having a ‘bear tank’ to take all the aggro off from me i useful if I am all alone. But there are so many other aspects of being a Hunter that I enjoy (no pun intended).

Aspect one: People expect Hunters to suck. Having been trained by one of the best Hunters on our server how to NOT fail, I see myself as one of the less… irritating Hunters around. I know where to stand (most times), what not to shoot, where to send my pet (when it feels like doing as I ask) and that being ranged DPS I have to be aware of possible mobs coming up from behind and how far from the healer I stand. I find it mildly amusing that, should I queue up for a random dungeon and have a second hunter in the party, there is usually a 80% chance I am going to get a whisper asking how I do something or don’t aggro certain things. I like being new to the game and being asked for advice.

Aspect two: Hunter’s are a very lazy class to play. It was quite easy to learn how to play WoW with a Hunter. I send my pet in, begin auto-shoot, throw in a few special shots every now and again, and move when something gets too close. Only one of my shots is interupted when I move. Otherwise I move, stop, and the shooting continues.  Very rarely do I ever have to move and restart the rain of arrows that comes from me. If I do, it is because my target died and I have to focus on a new one.

Aspect three: Kill Shot. As shoon as my screen screams at me that I can use it, I usually do. I enjoy causing my foe the extra pain. And enjoy it even more when my kill shot hits the target and it drops to our tanks feet. I feel powerful for once. It makes the minor things that I despise about being a Hunter so much less.

Of course, there is plenty I have to learn still. I am very undergeared for my level and I don’t do the DPS I would like most times. But once my obsession with Meja fades, I am sure I will fix that problem. Along side of what I have to learn and what I enjoy about being a hunter is what I dislike about it. But I think I will leave that for another entry. This one could go on for a very long time about what I love about being a Hunter, but I don’t think I will watse any more of your time with this.

Until next time!



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Hello all! As promised I have kept up with my posts. Granted, I could lose my inspiration and go another week before the next one. Let’s hope not, right? Anywho. Today’s topic is pretty obvious from the title: PvP.

Kainda was leveled through quests and, starting at 75, dungeon runs. Adi, as you know, has been quests and will be doing a lot of dungeons in the upcoming levels. Mizti was quests until 15, and dungeons from then on and will probably only quest when it is just Fealen and I bored and not wanting to run anything with Coag and Kai. I haven’t really done any PvP. I ran a Alterac Valley MAYBE five times with Kainda. Wintergrasp once and decided I didn’t like it. But I haven’t really done much else. I dislike Wintergrasp a lot. AV is fun, but I haven’t done it in forever. And I’ve never actually done any 1-on-1 PvP. Fealen has some PvP only alts and I wonder if maybe Adi might end up at that point before her time to be 80 has come. I mean, AV isn’t so bad. And I have seen some of the other BGs played enough that I understand what to do. My problem is that I worry too much what other people will think of me as a player, which I know is a very girl thing to do. But, what can I say?

I suppose my biggest issue is knowing that people who have played WoW a lot longer and a lot more than I have see people with so little experience as I as nOObs or, as my guild calls them, Scrubs. It bothers me more than it really should, but I want to do well in the game and when someone calls me out for something that I didn’t even know was an issue, and isn’t exactly kind about it, I girl-up and get hurt feelings. Yeah, trust me. I know how dumb it is.

“It is just a game.” “They are stupid, and you will probably never encounter them again through your entire WoW career” “Ignore them and have fun. If you were really doing something wrong I would tell you.” Those are things I hear when my feelings about pompous, know-it-all jerks are expressed, whether it be through rage quitting or shutting down emotionally because someone called me a nOOb. He has a point, and I know he does, but that doesn’t stop my girl emotions from flaring up every now and again. Especailly when a particular guild member decides to make me his target of the hour.

He’s an okay guy. He can be super funny, and say things that most people wouldn’t usually even think of. But he likes to joke around a lot and his ‘joking around’ can sometimes be quite offensive or hurtful. He has said more than a few things that have rubbed me the wrong way, to the point that I have him muted on Vent and in GChat he is ignored on most of his toons. I won’t even do a 10man if he is involved in it because even though I have him muted, doesn’t mean Fealen does. And he has, more often than not, made his opinion of my lack of skill very well known. it is people like him that make me not want to play. Make me girl-up and get hurt feelings or feel useless no matter what I do. I hate that I get that way, but I do. And, to round it back to my original topic, it is why I don’t PvP. I hate how terrible a player I am in the first place. I don’t need other people to point it out to me.

Maybe sometime soon I will take Kainda into a BG. Or something. Until then I will stick with my dailies on her, and the dungeons with the other two.

Until next time!



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